Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

How to save time & money

Summer is "peak" moving season:

The summer is always a high demand for movers due to the fact people prefer to move when the kids are out of school. The most congested weeks of the summer months are the last weeks of every month. Everyone tries to move out before the next month’s rent is due. While we maintain our same low rates for everyday of the summer many movers charge more for these ultra peak weeks. Reserving your move in advance is recommended about 2-3 weeks. The more notice the better.

Disassemble your own furniture:

The most common items that require disassembly for transportation are bed frames, bunk beds, canopy, water beds, cribs, tables, and a china hutch usually is a two piece unit secured to the base by a simple screwed bracket. While we have no separate fees for individual items, if you are paying by the hour, the more work you save us is the more money you will save in the end. Quick tip: If your furniture requires a unique tool be sure to have it available, on moving day.

Reserve the elevator(s) and/or parking spot - at both locations, if necessary:

Exclusive use to the elevators is ideal, and make for a smooth move. Park your vehicles in front of your building or home the night before the move. We recommend blocking off 35’-40’ for parking and maneuvering. To insure a space in a highly transited street you may need to reserve a parking permit thru your local police department. They are often needed in deliveries to cities such as San Francisco.

Know how you want your furniture placed:

Have a clear idea as to the new setup at your new home. The best plan of action is having a diagram of the rooms with the layout of the furniture. Remember the tape measure does not lie. If you measure all your furniture beforehand you will be able to determine the proper arrangement at the new location. If your move is to a smaller location, or includes an above average amount of boxes we recommend the boxes being placed in the garage at delivery. This will allow you to bring in manageable quantities to unpack at your convenience.

Disconnect all electronic equipment:

Such as television sets, DVD players, surround sound, home computers, stereos, etc., 24 hours in advance of a move so they will be at room temperature on moving day. This will also speed things up the day of the move.

Appliances should be disconnected:

Prior to the mover’s arrival, whenever possible. Water lines from the washer, gas line valve on the dryer, ice maker line on the refrigerator, and of course the gas valve on any oven/range.


Moving to a smaller home or a different floor-plan. Play it safe and move the large furniture over first. Many people often commit this mistake and transport over all the small items and boxes to their new home. On the second trip there is no space left to bring in the furniture. If you want to save time by bringing boxes over beforehand unload them in the garage or an area out of the way of the movers or the placement of furniture.


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